In fact NJ is very restrictive in owning wildlife and exotic animals. Having a fox as a pet is allowed in Michigan, Maine, Indiana, Arkansas (all species), Illinois, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming (only local grey & red foxes), Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New York (only fennec foxes), North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Utah (only red foxes). In New York, only fennec foxes are allowed. Unlike a truly domesticated pet, the red fox will not be satisfied with a kibble-based diet placed in a dog dish a couple of times a day. It’s devastating, but it’s true. Prospective owners should know these laws before taking on a new pet. You need to check the up to date laws in your state. Strangely, in Arkansas you are allowed to catch wild foxes to keep as a pet with a limit o… The red fox and gray fox, two distinct species, are common and abundant in Massachusetts. The Arctic Foxes are an amazing little fox and have a very thick double-layered coat, making them an animal that can survive in cold temperature, almost down to -58 degrees Fahrenheit. Foxes are easily domesticated and are legal for purchase and ownership in many states across the country (Florida, New York, Indiana) for example. Is it legal to keep a fox as a pet in Missouri? They almost made ferrets illegal as well. State law might allow you to have a pet fox with the proper paperwork, but if a local ordinance says, "no, you can't have any foxes," then you can't have any foxes while living in that locality. Being a wild animal at heart, the red fox needs to be allowed to forage and hunt for its nutritional intake. Before you build a cage for your would-be unusual pet, double check this list to make sure your companion of choice is legal in this state. BC bans the import of foxes of all sorts, and also bans the ownership of native foxes. Mating Fennec Foxes. Fennec Foxes are amazing animals and has been known to act like a … Legal Pets. Keep owning pet foxes legal in the state of Virginia Megan Parnell started this petition to anyone My husband and I are the proud owners of two pet domesticated foxes. Like many other exotic pets, they can be very pricy to obtain (thousands of dollars) and their care goes beyond … Unfortunately, all fox species are not legal in the majority of states. Anyone who dreams of caring for an unusual or exotic pet may wonder if their dream pet is a possibility. Even if your state allows pet foxes your city may not. Anneka visits a domesticated fox called Zelda who lives with Angie of Fox Angels. Check for state laws and local laws. The majority of tigers live as pets, not in the wild. 5. It is illegal. Each county's laws differ, however. In North Carolina, residents can own a fox as long as they obtain an exhibition license and use the fox for learning programs in schools, libraries, or nature centers. Bushbaby. If a state like New York allows foxes to be kept as pets in small living quarters (like apartments) then New Mexicans with the … Some states might allow one fox species and prohibit others, such as New York, which allows fennec foxes and bans all other species. Kami Parker started this petition to Texas Wildlife and 3 others. It is over 12 … In general, fennec foxes as pets make good house pets and can be enjoyed by the whole family. The Wildlife Code of Missouri contains regulations primarily for wildlife native to Missouri, which includes red fox, gray fox, and variants of those species, such as the silver fox. These Chihuahua-sized canids are distinctive in their appearance as well as being a true fox species that is smaller than the iconic red and grey foxes that are native to North America. Several states ban foxes as pets, including California, Texas, and Oregon. Fennec foxes are an exotic pet, which means that it is legal to own them in some states and not in others. Foxes belong to the dog family Canidae, and their appearance is similar to that of domestic dogs and coyotes. Four states, including Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, and Washington ban fennec foxes altogether, while Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Texas require a … This is a pretty good guide. A. This is in line with a growing number of Instagram-famous foxes like Juniper Fox (one million followers), Penny the Fox (30k) and Yui and Enn (also 30k). Most will find that buying and caring for a fennec fox is completely feasible in states where th… It is legal to own a fennec fox everywhere in the United States except Missouri, Minnesota, Nevada and Washington. Yes. While Alabama's laws on exotic animals are relatively lax, the state does have restrictions on several types of animals. And it doesn’t matter if they are legal or not. Fennec Foxes, the smallest and best tempered of all foxes are legal as pets in some states but not Georgia. These foxes are monogamous animals that mate for life with one partner. The owner of three pet foxes that were seized and euthanased by authorities says she should have been able to keep the animals because they were no more dangerous to the environment than cats. The fennec fox is native to North Africa but is no stranger to California. Fennec foxes behave a bit like active, playful little dogs. If you care about foxes you will never, ever consider getting one as a pet. Make sure to obtain one before you purchase or adopt a fox. Get information about state rules on this website. Let’s all agree on one thing; foxes are very cute. To put it simply: yes, foxes are legal in Pennsylvania, but… Note: In order to get a permit, you must have at least two years of experience with foxes (other exotics will not count), a letter from someone who already has a permit that will confirm your experience, and an enclosure built to the PGC’s specifications Both species can be found throughout the state, except on Marthas Vineyard and Nantucket. Over the past five years, searches for ‘where to get a fox’ have gone up notably on Google. But just because something is cute, doesn’t mean you need to own it. It depends on the species of fox and where it is obtained. Pet foxes are all the rage on Instagram - but that definitely doesn't mean you should get one. RICHMOND — For anyone in Virginia who happens to have a fox in the henhouse — or lounging around your own house, for that matter — the state Department of … Licensed breeders are aloud to house the pet but have trouble selling to a open market inside California. Many states allow them, but not Pennsylvania, California … The VDGIF (Virginia department of game and inland fisheries) wants to ban pet foxes and make it illegal to own them in the state of Virginia. This means live mice, rabbits, birds, etc. About 5,000 tigers live in legal captivity in more … With strict California laws if a residence is found to own a fennec fox the state kills the small cuddly creature. Foxes are likely one of the more popular alternative pet that people are curious about owning. The Nevada State Code prohibits ownership of specific exotic pets, especially aggressive pets, while allowing the ownership of others. The female fennec fox, which is called a vixen, reproduces only once a … The allure of owning a fennec fox as a pet is understandable. Where they are allowed, foxes are considered exotic pets and may require a license. Natural habitat: Africa. The list of animals that you cannot own, no matter how badly you want to, includes: #1: Foxes. One fox owner states: First, if you’re considering a fennec fox as a pet, check quickly to make sure whether it’s legal to do so in your area. The fennec fox, also known as the desert fox, is a petite animal that's native to the Sahara desert and other parts of North Africa.Although it's not common, sometimes these tiny foxes with oversized ears are kept as pets. Size: The largest species is the brown greater galago. In Virginia, currently, only domesticated foxes with ‘unnatural’ coloration can be kept as pets, but unfortunately the state is trying to change this. Q. In 2017, Rep. David Zimmerman, of Lancaster, introduced legislation to make it legal to keep them as pets, but it's not gone anywhere. Virginia allows pet foxes if … They typically live to be 10-15 years old, so buying a fennec fox is a commitment, like most pets. Although foxes are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, but this protection is only to the Indian foxes alone. I have been very interested in foxes and have always wanted one as a pet, I live in Texas and figured the Fennec Fox would be a perfect pet for where I live due to the hot temperatures. Pet foxes are illegal in many places. Foxes are only legal in a handful of states. Make Fennec Foxes Legal to Own as Pets In Texas. They are very cute. Therefore, many more laws have come into existence on the county level regulating how legal exotic pets can be maintained in a household or pet store. Feeding a Red Fox. Monkeys were once legal but now are illegal as well Nj restricts guns and animals among a laundry list of other things. Arctic Fox as a Pet ( Ultimate Guide with 12 Interesting Facts) – 2020 Edition. Illegal. This petition had 3,103 supporters.

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