MICR stands for\r\nA. 2) HTML5 is coming with lots of flexibility and would … B. source attribute. Since, here colspan=2, so it will merge two columns into one. Tags. NLP MCQ Questions; We have listed here the best NLP MCQ Questions for your basic knowledge of Natural Language Processing. 8. By default, contents written between and are bold and centered. Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Liste aller Standard HTML5-Elemente, beschrieben durch ihr öffnendes Tag, nach Funktion gruppiert. Cascading Style Sheets. mcq semantics.mcq semantics. Note that definition lists often display differently inside different browsers, and they aren’t always handled the same by search engines or text-to-speech translators. In order to add space of 20px between cell content and its border of a table in html, which one of the following option is appropriate? Phone no When a browser communicates with the code, it looks for some specific information to help with the display. True. Good is synonymy of nice. HTML uses symbols like “<” and “>” to enclose the tags. General Semantics Bulletin A 40 QUESTION MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST IN GENERAL SEMANTICS* Martin H. Levinson 1 . ... HTML-Tags. December 12, 2019 / #Html5 Semantic HTML5 … Topics >> Placement papers >> HTML Placement papers - Model questions & answers -03/23/15 « Previous; Next » Semantic Elements - MCQs 1) A semantic element clearly describes its meaning to A) Browser B) Developer C) Both A & B D) None of the above View Answer / Hide Answer. Evil is antonym of good. In Semantic HTML, tags like for bold, and for italic should not be used, the reason being they just represent formatting and provide no indication of meaning or structure. Text that is enclosed in the tag is immediately recognized by the browser as some type of coding language. Explanation: adds caption to a table. Explanation: In order to collapse the border of a table, border-collapse: collapse; can be used inside